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In Pakistan, a large number of students tend to choose their profession or job on the basis of money they can earn instead of their interest in field or knowledge about it. To some extent it is fair enough because at the end of the day all the struggle is useless if you don’t have enough money to cater with your needs.

But do we know what is “Highly paying profession”?

Students rush to the fields like doctor, engineer, IT professionals, chartered accountant etc. just because it is trendy and status symbol. But we never think about from where all the finances come?

Have you heard about Global Financial Market?

People think financial markets are for charted accountants and bankers. If we try to define in one line it is “online margin trading in stocks, commodities, Forex and crypto currencies”. There are three types of financial markets which are stock exchanges, commodity exchanges and off exchange capital markets.

If we see the accumulated volume of all these exchanges, it is one of the largest business of the world. We have advantage over this opportunity because most of the exchange based products are regulated in Pakistan.

Usually people consider trading as a highly paid profession but they don’t know about trading in financial markets and don’t find any place or institute that put them through a program that measure how quickly they are trading and improve you as a financial trader.

How about a profession that gives you financial independence along with high pay?

Financial trading helps you make assets quickly and gives financial independence along with the chance to retire far earlier than traditional budgets and retirement plans without permit.

Requirement for training

Unfortunately, our youth is unaware of this and they are not taking advantage of this opportunity to become financial manager or consultant, hedge fund manager, asset manager, Portfolio manager, investment manager, financial broker, stock broker, commodity broker, financial trainer, financial integration and software developer. Currently 2-3 institutes are giving knowledge about this area which is a very small number as compared to the population of youth in Pakistan.

Our Foreign Principal PFG-Markets is taking this initiative by starting a training program that may help to reshape the future of Pakistan’s economy.  This particular program is a 5 days’ evaluation that actually measures the consistency with which you trade and also help you to improve as a trader. To further build your confidence we present you with the certificate. We are teamed up with national and international experts who will provide real time highly professional training to all successful candidates.

Now again if you thought you wanted to be a trader, stop chasing programs that don’t have hedge fund, Portfolio Management experience and Forex trading behind them. Our team has all that. So what are you waiting for??