Overview Of Services

1) SETTING UP BUSINESS GLOBALLY Consultancies relating to business registrations anywhere in the world along with other necessary or optional services mainly comprising, offshore/on shore bank accounts, local directors, company secretary, virtual office & contact numbers and so on.

2) SMEs DEVELOPMENT SERVICES Providing consultancies towards possible services required by Young Entrepreneurs once they have registered their businesses. Ranging from Skill Development to professional guidance to establish and excel their business to achieve desired goals

Inviting Professional Masters around the Globe to share their life experiences to guide existing businesses to give them perfection & edge over their competitors and to cope up with the fast moving and changing world  in a timely manner.

To offer a variety of Innovative Training Programs (In House/Online) required in different business categories in collaboration with local and Global institutes to elevate the professional standard of the Trainees.

To provide world class professional outsourcing services in different business domains to lower the burdens of our customers in a cost effective manner as well as to give sound professional footings to the growing companies in various financial and complex business environments as well, specially where  the availability of professionals is expensive or rare.

To provide innovative consultancy to the customers to equip them with latest software to boost their efficiency starting from simple E Commerce tools like domains & hosting, web development, web optimization to moderate solutions like Credit Card Integration, Online Shopping Portals, Content management applications to complex Online trading Platforms for financial companies & banks , Latest Mobile Apps and so on.

To become first consultant in providing innovative , unique and all in one services to various Financial Professionals which comprise apart from business registration, acquiring financial technology as well as Training & Consultancy to achieve proficiency Standards set by various Financial Regulators to enable them for various Regulatory Exams and Licensing to grow in Financial Sector as distinct Global Professional

It comprises Pre exam registration, preparation, online tutorials & Practice MCQs with Syllabus and post licensing consultancies till the registration with concerned Global Regulators and obtaining the required financial services license.